Middle School Bands

2004 - 2005 Highlights

Williamsburg Musicale & Busch Gardens
May 27, 2005

Williamsburg Muscale

Concert I Superior Rating - 1st place Class A
Concert II/III Superior Rating - 1st place Class B
Concert IV Superior Rating - 1st place Class C
Concert V Superior Rating - 1st place Class Open
Symphonic Superior Rating - 1st place Class D & Grand Champion

Soloist awards:
Holly Bare, Flute
Paulo Costa, Oboe
Allison Gousy, Bass Clarinet
Tommy Hanson, Clarinet
Grace Leem, Flute
Jack Sutey, Bassoon

Spring Concert
Concert IV and Symphonic Bands
May 25, 2005

Spring Jazz Concert
Middle School, Jazz Combo, HS Jazz, HS Stage Bands
April 12, 2005

Middle School Jazz Band
Playing for Rising 7th Grade Orientation
March 10, 2005

Congratulations to the following members of Robinson (MS) Bands, who have been
selected to the District XI Band. These 23 students will be participating in the District Band
rehearsals and concert, February 3-5, 2005 at Fairfax High School. Students listed in Italics
were selected as first chair players in the District.

Junior Band - Middle School

Paulo Costa Oboe
Adam Christian Bassoon

Jack Sutey Bassoon
Katherine Hagerty Clarinet
Rebecca Johnson Clarinet
Tommy Hanson Clarinet
Sarah Edwards Bass Clarinet
Mckenzie Mayo Contra Clarinet
Jani Holder French Horn
David Levonian Trumpet
Christophe Lejeune Trumpet
Robert Brese Trumpet
Michael Lustig Trombone

Autumn Dougherty Trombone
Stacey Kropaczek Trombone
Michael Fisk Trombone
Andrew Fisk Euphonium
Chris Gaul Euphonium
Tim Monos Tuba
Cheerav Patel Percussion

Merrilyn Groom Clarinet
Chris Hogan Trumpet
Aaron Hunter Tuba

Sweets 'n Swing
February 10, 2005

Middle School Winter Concert
Concert Bands IV & Symphonic
December 7, 2007


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