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Marching Band by Courtney, August 2007
my legs are sore
my arms are numb
my head is aching now,
we work ourselves to the bone
and onward we must plow.

the day is night
but still we work
the clock has not struck nine,
at attention we do stand
but still we are denied.

at closing time
we know that we
must come back every day,
but now we have ten hours
to spend in our own way.

what is this torture
do you ask?
why what a funny thing,
this is no torture
(by the books)
but still we will sing.

an F perhaps?
no not today
well maybe it's a C....
but so we go
into the known
marching band members are we.

Obsessed Marchers (to the tune of Old Man River) by Baillie
There's a hard day where the sun is boiling
That's the hard day where we usually march.
What do we care when the sweat starts falling.
What do we care when we want to faint.
Don't look up and don't look down
You don't want to make Mr. Walker frown.
Bend your knees and lift your chin.
And keep marking time with your knees buckled in.
Let me march on though the season's over.
Let me march on through the light of day.
Show me the land where we march the show.
That's the old land, that I long to see.

Obsessed marchers, those obsessed marchers
They do something besides that marching.
They just keep rolling, they keep on rolling their feet.
They don't start whining. They don't start crying.
They just keep going, `till they're forgotten.
Those Obsessed marchers, they just keep marching along.

You and me, we sweat and pout.
Body all aching when we're let out.
Lift those toes, don't drag your feet.
Our eyes with pride even with defeat.

Others get weary and sick of trying
They're tired of moving instead of standing
But obsessed marchers they just keep marching along!
O Marching Band (sung to the tune of "O Christmas Tree") Lyrics by Ellen
O marching band, O marching band, I wish this season would never end
O marching band, O marching band, I wish this season would never end
Standing on the stands with all the fans,
So many songs you can dance along
O marching band, O marching band
How I love my marching band!

With Pride

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