Percussion Line

Drum Line
General Information - Members of the Robinson Marching Percussion are expected to attend all rehearsals, sectionals and competitions. Due to the physical demands placed on percussion members stretching and physical conditioning are recommended. Below is a snapshot of expected rehearsal times for percussionists:

Mon-Wed-Thur- 2:30 - 5:00 p.m. (2:30-3:00 p.m. w/sectional leaders)
Tues.-Sectional Day 2:30-4:00 (Both Sideline and Field)
Home Game Evenings - Report 1/2 hour before Band - 5:30 p.m.
Saturday Competition Days- Two Hours before Band -Time TBA each competition

Inspection Details for Percussion:
Field Drums - Clean all metal/plastic materials with a general cleaner. Then use Armorall to shine white cortex on shells. Memorize serial number.

Cymbals - Use elbow grease (see Walker for retail location) then choose Brasso.

Sideline Instruments - Clean all surfaces except real wooden keys with general spray cleaner. Check stands for loose screws/bolts/wingnuts. Memorize serial number.

Changing Heads - never done during rehearsal!!!!!! First timers must be under direction of Mr. Walker.

Snares - soap head-to-shell surfaces, WD-40 rim lugs threads, check label placements, check tension on inside shell hardware, Tendura heads get replaced once per season - snare bottom heads 2-3 per season the day before contest. Bring top/botttom tension rods finger tight only, then in a cross pattern tighten at 2 quater turn-rounds, check with section leader(or Walker) for final tension. Check bottom tension rods daily - they tend to loosen and fall out - your responsibility. You will have two pair of sticks (performance/rehearsal) section leader will organize white tape procedure.

Tenor Drums - Replace all four heads Thursday or Friday before a competition. See snare instructions about soap and WD-40. You will have two set of mallets and should have felt or mole skin on butt side for soft pp work.

Bass Heads - Replace all together at beginning of competition season. Same procedure as snares soap/WD-40. Make sure labels are on top - before heads are tightened. Foam mufflers are reusable. Only finger tighten - Mr. Walker will finish ensemble tuning. Your responsible for soft and hard set of mallets daily-replace white tape for competitions and games.


Drum Line


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