Marching Competition Judging Criteria

During a performance, judges on the field speaking into small tape recorders, rate each band in a number of different areas.

Music Performance: the ability of the band to execute the musical portion of its program.

Musicianship: the quality of the music, tone and accuracy.

Content: level of difficulty in the music. Performance of soloists and ensemble groups.

Marching Performance: the ability of the band to execute the marching and maneuvering portion of its program. The judges will look at the degree of difficulty, flow, tempo changes, field coverage and formations. They also look for poise as shown in carriage, discipline and confidence.

Overall Effectiveness: the musical and visual effectiveness of the band's performance is rated.

Musical Program: staging, use of time and space, degree of difficulty, variety and contrast, artistry, etc.

Showmanship: spirit, professionalism, presence, creativity.

Coordination: with music, emotional impact, creativity, drill to music and auxiliary's coordination into drill.

Awards may be given for the following: First, Second, and Third Place in each division, Best Drum Major, Best Guard, Best Percussion, Best Brass, Best Woodwind.

Class A: Up to 50 Total Winds and Percussion
Class AA: 51 to 70 Total Winds and Percussion
Class AAA: 71 to 95 Total Winds and Percussion
Class AAAA: 96 to 130 Total Winds and Percussion
Class AAAAA: 131 and up Total Winds and Percussion


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