2003 - 2004 Robinson Band Highlights

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Sweets 'n Swing
Spring Jazz Concert

Band Banquet Awards ~ June 7, 2004

Group Awards Most Outstanding Most Spiritied Most Improved
C2 Alisa Mousavi Jimmy Brooks Joe Curry
C3- Blue Kurt Gibel Arun Pillai Dwayne Handon
C3- Gold Michael Edwards Jack Kook Diego Solares
C4 Chris Brese Stephen Durr Jim Mattingly
Jazz Eric Ruiz Jamie Leenhouts Ryan McKoy

Symphonic Band
Outstanding Woodwind ~ Lauren MacIntosh
Outstanding Brass ~ Beverly Stokes
Outstanding Percussion ~ RJ Paulisick

Directors' Awards
9th Grade ~ Gray Ferris
10th Grade ~ Beverly Stokes
11th Grade ~ Amy Swietlik
12th Grade ~ RJ Paulisick

Senior Drum Major Award ~ Katelynn Moir

David Foster Awards
Band Camp Scholarship ~ Collin & Clifford Hu
Memorial Award ~ Brittany Maslowsky

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award ~ Michael Juday

Departmental Honors ~ Phillip Chong

Semper Fidelis Award ~ Lauren MacIntosh

John Philip Sousa Award ~ Arianne Welsh

Musicale Busch Gardens
May 28, 2004
High School Concert II: 1st Place, Excellent
Middle School Concert I & III (combined): 1st Place, Superior
Middle School Concert II: 1st Place, Excellent
Middle School Concert IV: 1st Place, Superior
Middle School Concert V: 1st Place, Superior
Middle School Symphonic: 1st Place, Superior & Grand Champion overall for Musicale Busch Gardens

Smokey Mountain Music Festival
Gatlinburg, Tennesssee
April 23, 2004

Class Intermediate Jazz Band
Robinson Stage Band - 1st Place

Class Advanced Jazz Combo
Robinson Jazz Combo - 1st Place

Class 3A Concert Band
Robinson Concert IV - 1st Place

Class 4A Concert Band
Robinson Symphonic - 2nd Place

Robinson Symphonic Orchestra
1st Place & highest scoring orchestra in all divisions

All Virginia Band and Orchestra
Blacksburg High School, Saturday, April 3, 2004.

Lauren MacIntosh, Symphonic Band, Flute
Annie Welsh, Orchestra, Oboe
Elise Bonhivert, Symphonic Band, Clarinet
Jennifer Bosanko, Concert Band, Clarinet
Meg Gallagher, Symphonic Band, Contra Clarinet
Beverly Stokes, Symphonic Band, Trumpet
Amy Swietlik, Concert Band, Euphonium
Matt McKay, Symphonic Band, Tympani
R.J. Paulisick, Alternate, Percussion
Nathan Rightnour, Alternate, Percussion

Press Release: December 10, 2003
Robinson’s Linda Gammon Wins International Music Education Award

Linda Gammon, the director of the middle school band and the middle school music department chairman at Robinson Secondary School, has been awarded the Scroll of Excellence by the Women Band Directors International Association. Gammon was cited for making outstanding contributions to music education and for consistently producing bands of superior performance level. Gammon will receive her award on December 10.

Gammon has been a member of the faculty at Robinson Secondary for 13 years. Under her direction, the Robinson Middle School bands won the John Philip Sousa Foundation Sudler Cup in 1997, the highest honor given to a middle school band. Robinson Middle’s symphonic band performed at the 2000, 1993, and 1992 Virginia Music Educators Conferences and at the 1999 and 1993 Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinics in Chicago.

Currently president of the Virginia Music Educators Association (VMEA), Gammon is a past president of the Virginia Band and Orchestra Directors Association and the Fairfax County Band Directors Association. She is active as an adjudicator and guest conductor throughout the United States and Canada. She recently received two Citation of Excellence Awards from the National Band Association for her outstanding contributions to bands and band music.

Gammon received her bachelor of science degree in music education from Clarion University of Pennsylvania and a master of arts in conducting from George Mason University.

Congratulations Ms. Gammon!

Tidewater Classic, Chesapeake, Virginia
October 18, 2003
AAAAA 1st Place
Drum Major 1st Place
Horn Line 1st Place
Overall Winner for Divisions AAA, AAAA, and AAAAA

Mt. Vernon Classic Marching Band Competition
October 4, 2003
Division AAAA 1st Place
Grand Champion

Senior Regional Orchestra
Annie Welsh, Oboe
Rachel Hardin, French Horn
Beverly Stokes, Trumpet
Matt McKay, Percussion
Lauren MacIntosh, Flute Alternate
Sophie Brown, Bassoon Alternate

“Artist level marchers” are recognized for their consistent, superior performance at all times during marching band.
These students provide an outstanding example for all members to emulate.
The Fall 2003 Robinson Marching Rams identified as artist marchers are:

Amanda Marr, Flute
Katie Hickey, Flute
Kyle Facada, Saxophone
Phillip Chong, Trombone
Megan Sanko, Flute
Yoo Jin Kim, Clarinet
Nathan Gardner, Mellophone
Catherine Doyle, Color Guard
Lauren MacIntosh, Flute
Brittany Maslowsky, Clarinet
Jennifer Bosanko, Clarinet
Eric Ruiz, Saxophone
Josh Hunter, Trumpet
Rachel Hardin, Mellophone
Kati Connelly, Mellophone
Cara Gallagher, Trombone
Elise Bonhivert, Clarinet
Chris Hauge, Saxophone
Collin Hu, Drumline
Sarah Parsons, Color Guard
Amy Swietlik, Euphonium
James Arnold, Trombone
Emily Chambers, Trumpet
Joseph McKnight, Saxophone
Kathleen Herring, Saxophone
Rachel Leitzau, Saxophone
Annie Welsh, Sideline
Sarah Culler, Sideline
Shannon Allen, Clarinet
Kendra Kelly, Clarinet
Ann Uyeda, Clarinet
Catherine Swett, Trumpet
David Hilton, Trumpet
R.J. Paulisick, Percussion
Beverly Stokes, Trumpet
Ashley Lawler, Clarinet
Jason Obero,i Tuba
Colin Heinke, Trumpet
James Leenhouts, Trumpet
Robert Pero, Flute
Leah Heist, Clarinet
Stephen Layland, Saxophone

Robinson Marching Rams
2003 - 2004 Robinson Marching Rams

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