04-05 Highlights

2004 - 2005 Robinson Band Highlights

Highlights Photo Album 1
Highlights Photo Album 2
Sweets 'n Swing
Spring Jazz Concert

2004 - 2005 Student Achievement Awards
Awarded June 8, 2005
High School Band Banquet

Band Most Outstanding Most Spirited Most Improved
C2 Chris Colon Fallon Segarra Louis Livingston
C3B Asare Quarteng Claire Campos Robert Pero
C3G Jeff Lansford Katie Smith Stephanie Ly
C4 Rae Lietzau Gabe Pennin Cameron Allen
Jazz Joel Hansen Jamie Leenhouts Sam Aydlette

Outstanding Woodwind: Jennifer Bosanko
Outstanding Brass: Amy Swietlik
Outstanding Percussion: Jim Mattingly

Director Awards
9th Grade: Jenna Hunter
10th Grade: Eugene Diefenbach
11th Grade: Chris Brese
12th Grade: Jennifer Bosanko

Senior Drum Major Award ~ Emily Arceneaux, Ellen Sutey

David Foster Awards
Band Camp Scholarship: Lizzie, Vicki & Katie Tolson
Memorial Award ~ Kathleen Herring

NBA Oustanding Jazz Musician Award~ Alex “Moose” Harris, Jamie Leenhouts

NBA Outstanding Musician Award ~ Jim Mattingly, Yoo Jin Kim

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award ~ Erik Ruiz  

Departmental Honors ~ Kati Connelly

Semper Fidelis Award ~ Elise Bonhivert

John Philip Sousa Award ~   Amy Swietlik

Congratulations Robinson Middle School Bands
Williamsburg Muscale
Concert I Superior Rating - 1st place Class A
Concert II/III Superior Rating - 1st place Class B
Concert IV Superior Rating - 1st place Class C
Concert V Superior Rating - 1st place Class Open
Symphonic Superior Rating - 1st place Class D & Grand Champion

Soloist awards:
Holly Bare, Flute
Paulo Costa, Oboe
Allison Gousy, Bass Clarinet
Tommy Hanson, Clarinet
Grace Leem, Flute
Jack Sutey, Bassoon

Congratulations to the Robinson High School Band Program
recipient of the
John Phillip Sousa Foundation's
Sudler Flag of Honor

The Sudler Flag of Honor is an International Award
recognizing High School Concert Bands of
Outstanding Musical Excellence.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Certificate of Recognition

Robinson Secondary School ensemble wins Sudler Flag for the second time
The Robinson Secondary School Symphonic Band, Fairfax, was recognized for winning its second Sudler Flag of Honor. The Sudler Flag of Honor is the premier recognition for high school bands based on standards of musical excellence and balanced programs of activities over a period of several years. Included in the criteria for activities are concerts, solos, ensembles and marching expertise. Robinson is one of only four high schools in the country to win this award twice.

Certificate of Recognition presented to Robinson Secondary School Symphonic Band or demonstrating significantly high standards of musical excellence and providing balanced programs of musical activities over a period of several years that include concert, solo, ensemble and marching expertise, that resulted in the award of a Sudler Flag of Honor, the premier recognition for high school bands, establishing Robinson Secondary School as one of only four high schools in the country to win this award twice.

MusicFest Orlando 2005
Guitar Ensemble - Orchestra - Guitar 1st Place
Concert Strings - Orchestra - Strings 3rd Place
Symphonic Orchestra - Full Orchestra 1st Place
Concert 3 - Concert Band Novice 1st Place
Concert 4 - Concert Band - Class AAA 1st Place
Symphonic Band - Concert Band - Class AAAA 2nd Place
Jazz Combo - Jazz Ensemble 1st Place

Mr. Denny Stokes, Robinson High School Director of Bands, has been elected
to membership in the American Bandmaster's Association.
The ABA is an elective organization of leading collegiate, military & professional conductors
and composers. Active membership numbers approximately 300 members total,
including approximately 20 active high school band directors of the 25,000 directors in the US.
Congratulations Mr. Stokes!

All Virginia Band and Orchestra

Jenna Hunter Piccolo 1st Alternate
Elise Bonhivert Clarinet Orchestra
Jennifer Bosanko Clarinet Symphonic Band
Beverly Stokes Trumpet Symphonic Band
Chris Brese Trombone Concert Band
Amy Sweitlik Euphonium Symphonic Band

District XI Band Festival Judges' comments
Robinson High School Symphonic Band

“Bravo! Oh Yeah!”
“Great Sound! Dark when necessary and sparkling when appropriate”’
“Terrific display of virtuosity and musicality”
“Mature and educated”
“Superior in every aspect”

District XI Band
February 3-5, 2005 at Fairfax High School
Students noted in Bold have earned eligibility to auditionfor the All Virginia Band, February 26, 2005 in Harrisonburg Virginia.
Students listed in Italics were selected as first chair players in the District.

Symphonic Band

Jennifer Bosanko Clarinet
Elise Bonhivert Clarinet
Yoo Jin Kim Clarinet
Shaye Swanson Clarinet

Leah Heist Clarinet
Anne Uyeda Clarinet
Amy Pritchyk Clarinet
Linda Kurtz Clarinet
Kyle Facada Alto Sax
Katie Connelly Horn
Beverly Stokes Trumpet
Clifford Hu Trumpet
Chris Brese Trombone
Amy Swietlik Euphonium
Robert Rose Euphonium
Alex Harris Tuba
Nathan Rightnour Percussion
Eugene Diefenbach Percussion
Jim Mattingly Percussion

Concert Band

Jenna Hunter Piccolo
Megan Sanko Flute
Sally Lee Flute
Lawrence Ngo Bassoon
Sophie Brown Bassoon
Natalie Nguyen Clarinet
Cara Regan Clarinet
Stephanie Ammann Clarinet
Elizabeth Wyatt Clarinet
Kendra Kelly Bass Clarinet
Joseph McKnight Alto Sax
Stephen Layland Bari Sax
Nathan Gardner Horn
Michael Edwards Trumpet
Matt Fisk Trumpet
Adam Emery Euphonium
Daniel Rowson Euphonium
Dan Chapin Tuba
David Donais Percussion


Charles Lee Alto Sax
Chris Hauge Tenor Sax
Gray Ferris Horn
Peter Han Trumpet
Tiffany Hoffer Trumpet
Pat Smith Tuba

Junior Band - Middle School

Paulo Costa Oboe
Adam Christian Bassoon
Jack Sutey Bassoon
Katherine Hagerty Clarinet
Rebecca Johnson Clarinet
Tommy Hanson Clarinet
Sarah Edwards Bass Clarinet
MacKenzie Mayp Contra Clarinet
Jani Holder French Horn
David Levonian Trumpet
Christophe Lejeune Trumpet
Robert Brese Trumpet
Michael Lustig Trombone

Autumn Dougherty Trombone
Stacey Kropaczek Trombone
Michael Fisk Trombone
Andrew Fisk Euphonium
Chris Gaul Euphonium
Tim Monos Tuba
Cheerav Patel Percussion

Merrilyn Groom Clarinet
Chris Hogan Trumpet
Aaron Hunter Tuba

VBODA State Marching Competition
October 30, 2004
Rating of Superior

Jefferson Classic Charlottesville
October 2, 2004
Division AAAA:
1st Place Music
1st Place General Effect
1st Place Division AAAA
1st Place Gold Award
(top band in Divisions AAA and AAAA combined)
Jefferson Award for Grand Champion
(Robinson received the highest score ever awarded at the Jefferson Classic.)

Robinson Marching Rams 2004
Robinson Marching Rams, Fall 2004

Marching Rams Artist Marchers

Name Section Date Admitted
Yoo Jin Kim Clarinet 9/27/04
Jennifer Bosanko Clarinet 9/29/04
Chris Brese Trombone 9/29/04
Kati Connelly Mellophone 9/29/04
Megan Sanko Flute 9/30/04
Jessica Bush Trombone 9/30/04
Beverly Stokes Trumpet 9/30/04
Jamie Leenhouts Trumpet 9/30/04
Rae Lietzau Saxophone 9/30/04
Elise Bonhivert Clarinet 10/04/04
Dave Hilton Trumpet 10/04/04
Sarah McCallum Flute 10/04/04
Chris Hauge Saxophone 10/04/04
Erin Cummins Color Guard 10/04/04
Amanda Marr Flute 10/06/04
Sally Lee Flute 10/06/04
Katherine Swett Trumpet 10/06/04
Eric Ruiz Saxophone 10/06/04
Justin Haun Trombone 10/07/04
David Tysdal Trumpet 10/07/04
Alyssa Moon Flute 10/07/04
Ian Boyd Sideline Percussion 10/07/04
Jeff Jenkins Drumline 10/07/04
Tiffany Joyce Clarinet 10/07/04
Bradley Harmon Saxophone 10/14/04
Matt Fisk Trumpet 10/14/04
Natalie Nguyen Color Guard 10/14/04
Sarah Burka Color Guard 10/14/04
Eileen McCaffrey Flute 10/14/04
Kathleen Herring Saxophone 10/14/04
Kristi Cruse Trombone 10/14/04
Denise Kropaczyk Flute 10/14/04
Amy Swietlik Euphonium 10/14/04
Jason Oberoi Tuba 10/14/04
Anne Uyeda Clarinet 10/14/04
Jeff Lansford Saxophone 10/25/04
Colleen Preciado Flute 10/25/04
Jessica Burbach Color Guard 10/25/04
Rachel Carter Color Guard 10/25/04
Kendra Kelly Clarinet 10/25/04
Jim Mattingly Drum Line 10/25/04
Jay Vigen Drum Line 10/25/04
Lawrence Ngo Clarinet 10/28/04
Amanda Duncan Color Guard 10/28/04
Kyle Facada Saxophone 11/3/04
Rory Lamond Trombone 11/3/04
Scott Matthiessen Trumpet 11/3/04
Megan Cipperly Flute 11/3/04
Leah Heist Clarinet 11/3/04
Charles Lee Saxophone 11/3/04
Stephen Durr Trombone 11/3/04
Chris Marr Sideline Percussion 11/3/04
Felicia O’Donnell Color Guard 11/3/04
Eugene Diefenbach Drum Line 11/3/04
Andy Freeze Clarinet 11/3/04

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